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Hillyer Legal provides best in class services across all sectors of intellectual property law. Our firm offers legal assistance in a wide range of industries dealing with a plethora of intellectual property concerns. We offer extensive services because we have extensive experience. When clients select our firm to represent them, they benefit from our vast experience, allowing them to have all intellectual property needs met by a single firm they trust. By choosing Hillyer Legal clients are choosing a professional team with the knowledge and skill to tackle any intellectual property issue they may have.

Our Dedication To Our Clients

Clients of Hillyer Legal receive more than comprehensive legal advice. They receive the benefit of our well-earned reputation for excellence in the field. With years of experience representing clients on complex and nuanced intellectual property issues, the firm is known for being skillful in developing positions, creative in identifying solutions and uncompromising when it comes to service. Clients also receive the utmost respect when choosing to partner with Hillyer Legal. The firm understands that relationships are its future and building connections grounded in respect is non-negotiable. Although our attorneys are trained to move matters toward the most advantageous results, we also understand that strategy choices are felt most profoundly at the client level. For this reason, we respect our clients’ crucial role in decision making and strive for cooperative resolutions that make practical and economic sense. At all points in the process, we explain the full scope of potential avenues and provide confidence that they will be navigated in a manner that is always in the client’s best interest.

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