Industries In Which Hillyer Legal Has Expertise



The world relies on the pharmaceutical industry for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Companies therefore invest immense time, money and resources into developing new pharmaceuticals in this intensely competitive field. The best way to protect those efforts and investments is through robust intellectual property rights. Hillyer Legal has an illustrious history of assisting pharmaceutical companies with the aim of protecting their valuable technology and developing comprehensive strategies to maximize the use of their exclusive rights.



Few industries have seen growth to the degree that the entertainment industry has over the last few decades. With content reaching consumers through countless platforms, creatives and providers alike must diligently protect their content and technology. Hillyer Legal has an abundance of experience in the development and protection of content and is able to provide assistance in all situations, including dealing with encroaching competitors.



From basic elements to highly complex structures and processes, chemicals are the foundation for countless manufacturing and commercial products across multiple industries. All areas of chemical development have a far-reaching benefit and a long-lasting impact. Hillyer Legal pairs an unmatched depth of chemical knowledge with vast legal experience to provide unrivaled representation to clients with intellectual property needs in all areas of chemistry.


Sports & Leisure

The sports and leisure industries have remained popular for decades even with seemingly incremental, yet protectable advances. With technology becoming progressively more accessible to consumers, this area is increasingly data driven and filled with sophisticated technology. With those advances comes fierce competition in the marketplace over a variety of applications, wearables, and products in all sectors. Hillyer Legal is here to help companies navigate competition and provide an advantage by leveraging corporate assets to their fullest extent.



Our existence becomes more technologically driven and digitally connected by the minute. As various entities continue to push further into uncharted territory, companies must focus on protecting their successes by actively protecting their rights. Our experience working with industry leaders in computer hardware and software, information technology, the Internet, telecommunications, and other applications has given Hillyer Legal a tremendous appreciation of the intellectual property needs of this unique industry.


Consumer Goods

Companies are constantly in competition to provide consumers with the best possible consumer products and services. Companies must therefore innovate to capture a greater share of the marketplace and earn the loyalty of consumers. Hillyer Legal understands that when advances are developed, intellectual property becomes an invaluable element of maintaining an exclusive advantage. Hillyer Legal allows companies to focus on providing the best experience for its consumers, while focusing on utilizing intellectual property to keep a solid lead.



Innovative and traditional technologies in all modes of energy production that produce clean, efficient, and affordable energy are vital to solve some of the most pressing challenges, including in the renewable space. Hillyer Legal understands the complexities required to not only improve and develop established and emerging technologies, but to implement and protect intellectual property as the landscape continues to evolve in this critical field.



Consumers are constantly adding supplements to their daily routines to help improve their health and fitness. Supplement companies aim to meet this demand by developing innovative products that are safe and effective. As a result, the industry is teeming with complex intellectual property issues that companies must navigate to meet their objectives. Hillyer Legal has vast and far reaching experience traversing the uncertainties inherent to this industry and strategically guiding clients through all issues to achieve the greatest possible position.

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